Organizing and sending photos

Step 1 -Think about how you want to organize & group photos

Give some thought on how you want to group your photos and the order they should appear. The groupings will eventually become chapters in the video DVD. For example an anniversary DVD may include the following groups:

  • Group 1 - Title: "Early Years" - Photos of the couple just prior to and including the wedding.
  • Group 2 - Title: "We Begin a Family" - Photos of early life of the marriage and kids.
  • Group 3 - Title: "Family Fun" - Early & contemporary photos of family activities & fun.
  • Group 4 - Title: "The Grandkids" - Photos of the Grandchildren
  • Group 5 - Title: "Fun with Friends" - Photos with friends


To get some ideas about designing and organizing your slideshow we recommend viewing some of our "Complete Shows" for your particular theme. Wedding/Rehearsal Dinners Anniversaries Birthdays Graduations.

Step 2 -Gather all the photos together

There are a couple of methods on deciding how many photos to use in each group. If you have a specific song in mind to use with a group, then divide the number of seconds in the song by 8 and that will give an approximate number of photos to use. For example, if the song is 4 minutes long (240 seconds), then a good number of photos is 30 or less.


The other method is to use all the photos you want in a group and then select enough music to match. For example if you select 40 photos in a group then you will need approximately 5 minutes of music (1 minute of music for every 8 photos). You can use multiple songs in the same group.


If you have no idea about how many photos to use in a group then a range between 15 and 35 is good.


You can use any combination of print and digital photos.

Step 3 - Bundle the photos into groups.

Bundle each group of photos with an elastic, envelope or zip lock bag. We will scan the photos in the order they are received so there is no need to write a number on the back of them. If you are also also sending digital photos, include them on a CD or memory stick. You can also request instructions to easily download your photos to our server.

Once we receive, scan and prep your photos for the video they will be posted on a special Web Page so that you can easily modify the groups and change the order if necessary. It's much easier to sort and group images when you can see all of them on the screen at the same time. See what the special Web Page look like.....

Step 4 - Send us your photos

If sending photo we have to scan ship to:


2054 Kildaire Farm Road #306

Cary, NC 27518

Please include your name and project number. There is no need to include your music selections and messages, as you will be able to do this later.


We recommend using the US Postal Service, UPS or FedEx to send your photos. The US Post Office offers a free "Priority Mail" packaging that can be used to ship photos with 2-3 days guarantee delivery. You can also purchase delivery confirmation number when shipping by Priority Mail. Your original photos will be returned to you with your DVD order.


If all your photos are digital (none need to be scanned) , then make a request at and we will send you instructions to easily download your photos to one of our servers.

Step 5 - We confirm receipt of your photos

We will send an Email or call to confirm we did receive your package

Step 6 - Photos Posted Online

After we scan, prep & enhance the photos for the slideshow, they will be posted on a special web page so that you can view them. You will also be able to re-group and change the order of the images if necessary. It's also at this time that you will be entering other information for the video including your music selections, titles, messages and any special requests. See what the special Web Page look like.....

Step 7 - Previews Posted Online

After finalizing the order of your photos and information we then produce the video. A preview of you slideshow DVD is then posted online so that you make sure everything is perfect.

Step 8 - Payment and Shipping

After you approve the slideshow preview, we will email an invoice allowing payment by credit card. Thereafter your order is shipped.