Scanning Guidelines

If you intend to scan you photos or have a third party do it for you, it’s extremely important to have it done correctly.  Good scans will ensure that we can properly enhance your photos so you get the best quality video slideshow possible  Following are some guidelines and notes to help you.


Feel free to email us at your first couple of scans.
We will quickly review them to make sure everything is OK.


  • 1- Clean the surface of the scanner with a lint free cloth. Do so at regular intervals.
  • 2- Configure the scanner to save as JPEG (.jpg) files at the highest quality level.
  • 3- Configure the scanner so that automatic color, contrast and brightness corrections are turned off.
  • 4- Adjust the resolution of the scan based on the size of the photo as indicated below.


What resolution should I scan at ?
If your photos are:
Smaller then 4×6 - Scan at 600 dpi
4×6 -  Scan at 300 dpi
5×7 - Scan at 300 dpi
8×10 - Scan at 200 dpi

What file format should I save the files ?
Save the scans as JPEG files (.jpg).  Your scanning software should allow you to adjust the quality level of the jpeg file.  Select the highest or second highest quality level, sometimes refered to as 9 or 10 or 90 to 100% quality level.

Should I let my scanner software adjust the photos ?
No! Built into most scanning software is a feature to automatically adjust the brightness, contrast and color of photos.  We recommend that you turn this feature off.  A professional will manually adjust your photos and the results are much superior then what you would get from the scanner.

Should I try to adjust my photos myself ?
No! A professional will manually adjust your photos

What if there is a white border around the scanned photo ?
Don’t worry about it, we can crop the photo at our end.

How do I organize my photos before uploading ?
You can group your digital photos into several folders.  For example one folder may be pictures of the bride, another folder  pictures of the groom and another pictures of the couple together. If you want your photos to appear in a certain order within each group, then you can rename the photo files numerically to indicate the order.  For example, for the bride photos you may have bride001.jpg, bride002.jpg, bride003.jpg etc…  or 001.jpg, 002.jpg, 003.jpg etc…

How do I upload my photos ?
When you are ready to send us your digital photos, email us at and we will send you instructions for uploading to one of our servers.